SANTA MARIA, Calif., Sept. 28 ” Appealing to Californians' feelings of a loss of control and joblessness, Arnold Schwarzenegger declared war today on Gov. Gray Davis and business as usual in Sacramento. /snip/ "Let me just now tell you something, this is now hand-to-hand combat, we are in the trenches, this is war," he told a crowd of 2,000 in a hangar here this afternoon. "Desperate Davis is going to do all kinds of tricks. He's going to start a dirty campaign now. We know how he is."

Does this mean that 2,000 of McC's state senate constituents rallied on behalf of Arnold?


The sky is green, the sea is orange, the sun is blue. Jon Fleischman apparently supports Arnold.

My pals in the California Young Republicans have been busy

Holding signs that read "Don't Gamble on Bustamante," the group [California Young Republicans] protested the Democrat's campaign practices and policies, such as supporting higher vehicle registration fees. They decided to ditch the convention for the fund-raiser in order "to get the message across that we support Arnold," said Young Republican member Leigh Ann Cook of Bakersfield.

via the California Insider