Endorsement predictions ......

I feel pretty confident that we'll have endorsement rallies with Arnold and Ueby and Rudy during the next few days.

But you heard it here first ... upcoming - Governor George Deukmejian.

The Duke is normally neutral. But his good friend Bill Jones endorsed early. His other good friend, former Attorney General Dan Lungren, is running against one of McC's only allies, Rico Oller, for the open congressional seat. And a few years back McC called the Duke a liar, right to his face.* The Duke's endorsment would really help Arnold with the older voters - the one's who long for the days of movie stars like Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne.

With one endorsement, he could help both his friends and get a piece of that pie best served cold, revenge.

* the link is dead so I'll reproduce the info - I had copied it from the Tom Sullivan web site and posted it to Lucianne yesterday.

Many of you have heard of Tom Sullivan, Sacramento's top radio host and frequent guest host for his buddy Rush Limbaugh. During his show he runs a webforum and sometimes answers posts. He received one today ...

Steve writes
Tom: Soon Tom McClintock will quite possibly get phone calls from the two people he admires the most: He may get one from Nancy Reagan, but he should definitely get one from Governor Deukmejian. The message will be the same: Get Out--Stop dividing the GOP with a campaign that can't win and could cost the party the Governorship! At that point and only then, he will--finally!

Tom Sullivan replied
Tom Mc got into a huge fight with Gov Deukmejian... called him a liar to his face. Tom Mc has his own bagggage within the Republican Party. I doubt he would get a call, nor listen to Gov Deukmejian

More Endorsements ...

The endorsement train is a-rolling. Arnold has 81% of the County GOP Chairs, 75% of the GOP Congressmen, 40% of the State Senators and 62% of the Assemblymen.

Want to know who didn't endorse Arnold? Congressmen John Doolittle, Elton Gallegly, Wally Herger, Duncan Hunter and Richard Pombo. State Senators Sam Aanestad, Dick Ackerman, Dennis Hollingsworth, Pete Knight, Bob Margett, Bill Morrow, Rico Oller and Chuck Poochigian. Assemblymen Dave Cogdill, Dave Cox, Bob Dutton, Rick Keene, Jay LaSuer, Ken Maddox, Bill Maze, Dennis Mountjoy, Alan Nakanishi, Sharon Runner, Steve Samuelian (who would want his endorsement) and Tony Strickland.

County Chairs Endorse Arnold

Anybody know which Chairs supported, which opposed on Thursday's vote? It's not listed at Join Arnold and the press couldn't find out. But perhaps we can.

We start with the reported Aye votes from LA, San Diego, San Berdu, Ventura.

Placer is a no - their chairman supports McC. Nevada and Sonoma are McC supporters too.

Orange No-Showed (what a wimp)

CoCo County abstained.

I'm fairly confident that the other aye votes include Alameda, Kern, Marin, Modoc, Monterey, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara.

Anybody out there have any ideas who the rest might be?

Hopeful or Hopeless?

Alot of McC supporters have been spinning Tony Hope lately. According to the WAPO and some blogs, McC won't drop out under the pressure of GOP leaders because 15 years ago the GOP leaders convinced him to drop out to give a clear path to celebrity candidate, Tony Hope.

But maybe their spinning ain't true.

It was 1986, McClintock was a 30 year old Assemblyman who'd been in office for just 4 years. He wanted to run for the open congress seat. But Bob Hope's son, Tony Hope, was running with the support of his dad and his dad's friends. McC supporters doubted whether he could beat Tony, and he'd have to give up his seat in the Assembly (can't run for 2 posts at the same time) McC CHOSE to run for re-election to the Assembly. Tony Hope turned out to be a poor candidate and oppo research discovered that he hadn't voted for President Reagan (he didn't vote at all)

So did party bosses pressure him to get out, or did he make a calculated decision?