Ok - so life is completely fab!

Last night I went to the Arnold debate party at Cal Expo. Whatever some of you say about the Wilsonites, they are pros. Every detail is perfect. There were close to 3,000 people at the party with giant screen TVs to watch the debate, food, drinks, music, entertainment. I brought my wild n crazy nephew Patrick, who was very lively. A series of radio hosts were the MCs. I think all but one of Sacramento's conservative talk radio guys are supporting Arnold. Then Vlade Divak (Sacto Kings) came out and made a speech in support of Arnold. Then Dennis Miller and Then Arnold and Maria. Rah Rah. Go Team. Loud rock music - "We're Not Gonna Take It"

Bustamove had about 200 people at the Sheraton (withing walking distance of the capitol). He must be having a hard time getting volunteers if it's that convenient and people don't show.

I got a mention on Hugh Hewitt's blog and lots of people came to visit. Then a reference on Right on the Left Beach. Those are numbers 5 and 6. Then on XRLQ it was announced that I'm a new member of the Bear Flag League (a group of conservative California bloggers).