A little slow on my posting (this is from last week), but hear are some yucks

from Doug Gamble at CaliforniaRepublic
Rumors: There are 10 rumors circulating at this weekend's GOP state convention in Los Angeles, but don't hold me to their veracity...

1: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cruz Bustamante have cut a deal. California will remain in the U.S. but Tom McClintock will become part of Mexico.
2: Bustamante suggested a MEChA-inspired slogan for the Schwarzenegger campaign: "For Arnold supporters, everything -- for McClintock supporters, nothing."
3: Schwarzenegger is pushing for Proposition 54 to be paired with a proposition calling for an accent-blind society.
4: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will rule that the election should be postponed because Schwarzenegger's pronunciation of "California" is so strange, some voters might be confused as to what state they live in.
5: Asked if he ever argues with his wife, Schwarzenegger said only if Maria submits her questions in advance.
6: Asked why he refuses to use an ATM, McClintock said it's because of his pledge to never withdraw.
7: McClintock's car was parked in the space reserved for Schwarzenegger's Hummer. GOP officials tried to get McClintock to move his car but he refused to pull out.
8: Peter Ueberroth was spotted wearing a Medic-Alert bracelet giving instructions about what to do in the event he's ever found conscious.
9: Another Schwarzenegger magazine interview surfaced in which he said he thought Proposition 13 was a line used to pick up women after the first 12 lines failed.
10: Schwarzenegger was overheard saying California should never be part of Mexico, but as governor he would give Bustamante's stomach its own zip code.

So much is going on in Sacramento today my heads a-spinning

1. The Sac Bee e-mailed me in response to my criticism of the leashing of Daniel Weintraub. They said all will be explained this Sunday in the papes.

-----Original Message-----
From: julie
Sent: Sunday, September 21, 2003 8:53 PM
To: ombud@sacbee.com
Subject: anti-blogging

How shameful are your recent efforts to squelch blogger Daniel Weintraub.

For the last month, the Bee has been getting high praise as one of the only major newspapers to understand the internet world. Weintraub is insightful and his site has been the go-to point for the real deal.

We'll never know now what he really thinks.

Dear Julie: Thanks for the e-mail. I'm passing along your message to the paper's editorial pages editor. Also, Tony's upcoming Sunday column will discussing the same issue. Stephanie Christensen, Admin. Asst.

2. Tom Sullivan, Sacramento Radio Host and frequent sub on Rush Limbaugh, read the riot act to McC's campaign manager. He said the McC campaign is as guilty as Bustamove in accepting illegal contributions (half mil from the Morongo's) and pretending it's anything but illegal is spin Then 2 hours worth of listeners jumped on and said they thought McC was principled but now they know he's not.

3. Arnold held a Sacto town meeting and I finaegled my way in ;^D
He answered all the questions with ease. He's going to be great tomorrow in the debate!