Life Is Beautiful

Buon Giorno Principessa. How bout this for some great news...

PEOPLE with big heads really are brainier than those with small ones, research shows.


What's up with this? According to RecallWatch, Claudia Holman gave McC $8,388,607 toay. Isn't that a little bit over the cap?

Update: If you didn't check the recall watch before, you've missed it. The 8 mil contribution has vaporized. Trust me -- it was there.


I'm a little slow catching it, but XLRQ points to a post by Hugh Hewitt about the McClintock Democrats.

The post compares Tom McClintock to Pat Buchanan and blames Buchanan for Clinton's election and all the bad that came with it.

McClintock and Buchanan are linked

In 1992, conservatives in the California Republican Party submitted a resolution to suspend the rules at the state convention to endorse the re-election of President Bush. Party rules prohibit endorsements and people from all segments of the party were quesy about it especially moderates who thought it might be a sneak to get a primary endorsement for Danneymeyer for U.S. Senate (he was challenging appointed incumbent John Seymour). The feeling was that the conservatives who proposed the resolution were doing it to extract favors from the White House. The White House and Governor Wilson were opposed initially to the move, but once it hit the press had to go forward and make it a success. We had a million meetings (I was the California Young Republicans Chair at the time)

At the eleventh hour, Steve Franks said the conservative wing no longer supported the move. People trying to embarrass the President tried to have a secret ballot, knowing they could get more secret Buchananites to vote with them. I made the motion to change to a standing vote count. Gil Ferguson led a walk-out of the Buchanan people.

So who's supporting McClintock? Dannemeyer, Franks and Ferguson.