The whiners at the Los Angeles Times are annoyed because they don't get to be in charge of the message of the recall. Between talk radio, the blogoshpere and Arnold's ability to go direct, they are out of control. poor things.

Newspaper readership continues to decline, voter participation each year sets a new all-time low participation record, and the LAT think we should continue business as usual.

They can't control political thought any more. Too bad, so sad.

That's why Arnold could have such a powerful, positive impact on California. He gets elected. He raises money to get some much needed reforms on the ballot. He stars in the commercials to support those reforms. The voters love him and vote yes on the reforms. California turns around and helps improve the economy of the whole country. Life is Beautiful.

the ACLU has just triggered my favorite law, the Law of Unintended Consequences. They had hoped to delay the election til March, giving Davis hope for survival. Instead they'll get:
1) the election held as originally scheduled on October 7th (likely) with a reenergized anti-davis electorate or a
2) election moved to March with anti-car tax, anti-drivers license and political reform referendums on the ballot to screw up the other things they were going to try and do to us in March.

Mickey Kaus and his friends seem confident that the election will go on as planned on October 7th

PR for Me ;^D

I got another mention in blogland, this time from Miller's Time. Thank you so much! That makes 4 now.