I'm quite despondent about the 9th circuit, so I'm going to pretend it didn't happen. Those of you who know me, know that I'm extremely skilled in avoidance.

So on to happier topics ....

I had 2 fantastic blogs provide links to my site today. Prestopundit was my first ever blogosphere reference, linking to my news about the straw poll results at the California Republican Party Convention. And Fresh Potatoes linked to my news about President George H.W. Bush donating to Arnold's campaign. Both of them inspired me to start blogging, so I'm thrilled that they read my site!

Some funnyman money .... Jim Belushi gives a few bucks to Arnold.

And a hat tip to PrestoPundit 's comments about the Oprah show. I wish they were doing a rolling poll tonight. I bet Arnold would be up 5 - 10 % based on the women's vote. If I was writing for a male audience, I'd say Arnold's performance on the show was a grand slam, a hole in one, a touchdown and a threepointer combined. But we're talking about the women's vote... It was a creme brulee/tiramasou/chocolate decadence with a glass of Villa Toscano Barbera.

Yesterday afternoon we were sitting in the Marriott lobby and overheard John Fund of the Wall Street Journal talking to Bill Bradley of LA Weeklay. John Fund was telling Bill that this race was personal to him, he grew up in Northern California and still considers California his home. Anyway, John said he had some BIG news and we'd know it in 36 hours. I figure we should all read his column Tuesday morning.