I'm just back from the Republican Convention and dead tired, but have a couple of thoughts to post.

I've been attending these conventions since 1985, have served at times on the executive committee, resolutions, initiatives, volunteers and proxies. I have never been to a convention that had so little activity from the far right in the party. There were almost no hit pieces, no confrontations, no media stunts. It was like the Tombots and their friends were under the Cone of Silence. A friend suggested that they had abandoned Tom and were now focused on Tony Strickland for U.S. Senate.

A couple of organizations did straw polls but I only saw the results from one: the California Women's Leadership Forum and the California Young Republicans co-sponsored a poll open to anyone in attendence at the convention. Approx 1200 people voted, 82.5% supported Arnold. I looked hard for a posting on the other poll, sponsored by Capitol Resource (I think) but couldn't find any results anywhere. They are a strongly conservative organization. I wonder if they didn't publicize the results because they showed overwhelming support for Arnold as well?