Will Kevin be the next speaker?

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Kevin's turned the dems into Nervous Nellies.

They also note that Assembly Republicans selected a new leader on Monday, Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, who has a reputation for savvy and prolific fund-raising prowess, and they worry about losing control of the Assembly in the general election next year.


This is more like it ;^D

Results from the latest SurveyUSA poll, commissioned by 4 of California's biggest TV Station, KABC-LA, KPIX-SF, KXTV-Sac and KGTV San Diego.

Drumroll please..........

Schwarzenegger - 39%
Bustamante - 29%
McClintock - 16%
Ueberoth - 6%
Huffington - 3%
Other - 4%
Undecided - 3%