from the Newsmax.com Left Coast Report ...

Dee Snider was elated to discover that his Twisted Sister tune “We're Not Gonna Take It” has become the unofficial theme song of Schwarzenegger’s gubernatorial campaign.

Snider explained to UPI that the 1984 tune, along with the other songs on Twisted Sister's breakthrough third album,“Stay Hungry,” was inspired by none other than Arnold himself.

“We even sent a platinum [record] award to Arnold,” Snider said.

The Left Coast Report hears that, not to be outdone, Gray Davis’ unofficial campaign song is “Taxman.”


If any of you didn't already smash your Ditsoid Chicks CDs, now is the time. I will accept no more excuses.

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I was caught in the middle of a hornet's nest at the voter registration event with Maria Shriver today. The anti-recallers were primarily male union thugs. Clearly these guys had walked alot of picket lines and had some aggressive altercations outside the factory gates. With over 100 people shouting slogans (both anti and pro recall) Maria remained calm and focused, chatting up the press with a smile on her face.