Jazzy Chicks

I just got a new (old) CD love it!


We like to chat about the dresses that we'll will wear tonight,
We chew the fat about our tresses and the neighbor's fight.
Inconsequential things that men don't really care to know
become essential things that women find so "appropo".
But that's a dame, we're all the same.
It's just a game, we call it girl talk, girl talk.

We all meow about the ups and downs of all our friends,
the "who", the "how", the "why", we dish the dirt, it never ends.
The weaker sex, the speaker sex the mortal males behold
but tho' they joke they wouldn't trade us for a ton of gold.
So here we'll stay and gab a way
but hear me say that after girl talk talk to me.

- Bobby Troup

another song to learn for the Mission Ranch Inn Piano Bar ;^D

Jay Leno: "I understand, the other candidates in the debate, they wanted to put an empty chair on the stage to represent Arnold Schwarzenegger to make him look bad, you know, since Arnold wasn't there. Then they realized, 'Uh-oh, what if the empty chair wins?'"

Thanks to prestopundit.com for the link to more jokes