Hey look who's nearly at the top of the endorsement list of Schwarzenegger for Governor ... My old gang at the California Young Republicans.
You've read that 20 Assembly Republicans have endorsed Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor. Here's the list of the Assemblymen and women who did the endorsing:
Greg Aghazarian,
Patrica Bates (Vice-Chair of Appropriations),
John Benoit,
Russ Bogh,
John Campbell (Vice-Chair of Budget),
Lynn Daucher,
Bonnie Garcia,
Tom Harman,
Shirley Horton,
Guy Houston,
Doug LaMalfa
Tim Leslie,
Abel Maldonado,
Kevin McCarthy,
Robert Pacheco,
George Plescia,
Keith Richman,
Sharon Runner,
Todd Spitzer,
Mark Wyland

Ghosts of the Past ... McC's contribution report includes donations from Bill Dannemeyer, Gil Ferguson, Ben Gilmore and Shawn Steele. (I know it's inside baseball, but I can't help it.)
The Californians for Schwarzenegger are having a fundraiser luncheon at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento on Saturday, September 6th. Want to go? I'm organizing a table. E-mail me for info.