I'm officially a Californian for Schwarzenegger. Look here.

And it looks like I may have been their very first donor ;^)

I have a theory on Peter Ueberoth's fundraising ... It's the AT&T ... at least 3 ams from the Pro-Am tournament -- Scott McNealy, Maury Povich and Scott DeSano have contributed. Probably the rest of the donor list is people who hope to be invited to play in the greatest golf tournament in the world. Ueby is one of the owners of Pebble Beach Golf Club.
Jazzy Chicks

One of my favs, Jane Monheit, is going to be at Yoshi's next week. Only $20.00! A deal-a-rama.

I've got recall-itis and I've got it bad. Always have been a news junkie, but now I want to stay home from work to find out the latest scoop. If I don't cut it out, I'll have to pray for Arnold to give me a state job...

All over the net and cable are reports about Cruz' s clever fundraising scheme...he'll violate the spirit of the campaign finance laws he supported by collecting unlimited donations in his No of the Recall committe (an issue/initiative committee) and use it to pay for his candidate campaign commercials. Perhaps 80% of the time would be advocating vote no on the recall and 20% of the time Yes on Bustamove. He could let the issue committee pay for 80% of the ad. But Political Pulse says there's a catch. Issues committees have to pay full market rate for their commercials. Wonder what's the difference in the rates? How much will it really help him to game the system?

Rich Galen from Mullings e-mails me about the commercial rates "the answer to the question is: candidate ads get the lowest published rate for radio or television ads; i.e. they get the same rate as the station's BEST customer. Issue ads pay full retail."